A poem about growing up

Photo by Edward Howell on Unsplash

This is me.
Nineteen and newly free
from forcing facades and emotions fleeting.
Simply things for an immature teen.

Yet, this is not me.
An abhorrence to alcohol
and a love for all things “uncool”
living a laboured life of drawl,
powerless to vanish from a vapid whirlpool.

This is not me,
living a life of conformity,
telling a tale of tarradiddles.
Unable to live a life of mediocrity,
away from the truth I skedaddle.
This is not me, learning from a donkey
whilst pretending to be an unicorn
unable to do anything. For my choice is already airborne.

This is me. At least for now.
Nineteen, and newly bound.

note: this is a reposted poem that I originally wrote on my main Medium account — Jerren Gan



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